We specialize in purchasing homes in Alexandria and Fairfax, VA

We are investors who specialize in purchasing houses from owners in Alexandria and Fairfax, Virginia who need to sell quickly.

You probably don’t have the time or desire to do all the repairs that your property may need. Or, your house looks great but you don’t have enough equity to pay for real estate commissions. Unfortunately in today’s times, more and more people just like you need to sell their home quickly and don’t want the hassle of:

  selecting a real estate agent who has the best skills to sell your home and will actually work at it.

  having to always keep your house clean and tidy as lookers tromp through over and over again.

  paying a commission to a Real Estate Agent.

We purchase homes fast all over Northern Virginia. It’s not your fault that you need to do something quickly. Things may have happened to cause you to have to sell quickly. That could happen to anyone in this economy.