Questions When Selling a House Fast

There are a lot of people that need to sell their house fast for various reasons. The property could be an estate in probate or not. Many times the house is vacant rental property with a burnt out landlord. Maybe the property is tenant occupied and the landlord is just tired of taking calls or dealing with the stress of ownership. The home could be owner occupied but need many repairs that the owner is unable to do either financially or physically. Elderly home owners may need to move to assisted living facilities. Some home owners may be facing divorce, job loss, job transfer, or other emergency situation. No matter what the situation we all want to know what’s involved.

When will I get my check?
You have two options here. The title company can either cut you a check or wire the money to your bank account, usually on the day of closing. Banks may put a hold on the check but wires are good the day they are received.

When do I turn off my utilities?
It is best to wait until closing to have the electric, water, and gas disconnected. If something was to happen and the deal didn’t close you would be without power or water and have to pay connect fees. Most investors appreciate if you call the utility providers and ask them to read the meter so that there is no interruption in service from you to them and additional fees can be avoided.

Will you be doing an inspection?
Many investors do varying levels of inspections. Some hire an inspector to do a full inspection and others have an inspector do a quick inspection. There are experienced investors that do a walk through and feel confident at that.

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