Neighbors – We buy abandoned/neglected property

neighborsAre you the neighbor of an abandoned/neglected property in your community that with a renovation can improve “the looks” of your community and potentially increase the values within your community??

Neighbors – please complete and submit the form below and we will follow up immediately in an effort to help you improve your community.

Note (1):  Any information you share with Progressive Communities will be kept confidential and will only be used for purposes of the property sale.

Note (2):  Your personal information will not be shared with anyone including the owner of the subject property unless you choose to be involved in the property sale.

Note (3):  It is not necessary to be a neighbor to complete and submit the form below, if you are a family member, friend or simply know of an abandoned/neglected property and can see the value in that particular property being renovated to help the local community and economy, please complete and submit the form below.

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